Self-publishing & Book Shepherding

To Press & Beyond – A Full-Service Book Shepherding Agency

As experts in book publishing consulting and support services for 20 years, we take your book project and shepherd it through writing, editing, design & layout, printing, distribution, sales and promotion, both in trade and niche markets and on the web.

At To Press & Beyond, we are dedicated to providing clients with cutting-edge, customized marketing strategies to assure your book’s maximum visibility and sell-through.

Collaborating with a staff of creative professionals, we help marry the art and science of the web so your website becomes a web solution.

Think of us as your virtual team members who think outside the box and provide branding, resourceful marketing and sales solutions.

We have worked with over 300 authors and independent publishers, and we’ve had clients as far away as London, Switzerland, Egypt and Thailand.


  • "For the reluctant self-publisher this is the perfect solution—all the decision advantages and control, and a built-in editorial, production, and marketing team."

    Dan Poynter
  • "Gail Kearns and Penny Paine - Production Coordinators/Publishing Consultants. That is their official title. Gail is also an editor who pushes all the best buttons; 'Practical Penny' has the skill to give legs to ideas."

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