Favorite Links

Here are some important links:

For Comprehensive Career Guidance

For Gender Equity/Nontraditional Occupations for Women

  • Girls Incorporated® (www.girlsinc.org)
    Inspiring All Girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold®
  • National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (www.napequity.org)
    For national Special Populations/Nontraditional/ STEM/Career Technical Education Resources.
  • Independent Means Inc. (www.independentmeans.com)
    Products and services for girls’ financial independence. Bespoke economic literacy services for families and financial institutions.
  • Gutsy Gals Inspire Me (www.gutsygalsinspireme.com)
    Products, media and media awards.
  • Marsh Media (www.marshmedia.com)
    Children’s character education books, teaching guides and CD’s

For International Art Projects

For Kids at Weddings

  • Kids at Wedding (www.kidsatweddings.com)
    Best selling books, products and bespoke accessories for attendants and children at weddings.